'87 325is 200k+ miles

Hi all. I'm considering what to do this car, whether to fix up and drive for at least a couple more years as daily driver or store the car somewhere with the hope of fixing up later. Interested in opinions. There are a number of things I want to/ need to fix below. Better to fix up car or get a Honda Civic or Accord or something for $5 - 6K or so? Considerations are I kinda don't feel like putting the time and effort into the fixes, some I may inevitably try myself, but just time to order parts, take to mechanic and body shop and fixing seats, it takes awhile, but could be really cool having it done. Car is in decent condition otherwise, nice original paint, some rusting, although I have not done shocks in about 100k. I just had the timing belt done a year ago. Thanks a lot for any thoughts

Haven't tested it yet, but think I will need a new catalytic converter to pass emissions. It was 2007 I last had emissions and judging on the progression of emissions since 2002 when I bought the car, it will probably fail in Maryland. Question of getting a used cat, oem new cat or aftermarket cat. I replaced the O2 sensor in 2007 and haven't driver too much since.
A/C doesn't work, may just need a compressor clutch, but hasn't worked in 10 years, so may need a whole new system (I might be able to get away without A/C, but really nice to have on some occasions)
Drivers seat leather is torn, passenger good condition, back seat very cracked, original. Would like to redo some or all of it.
exhaust down pipe flange weld broke, have to get it re-welded
driver's side central door locks don't work, have to replace the central control lock or something
needs an alignment
trunk leaks, seals or through rusting
front fender has fist sized dent to fix
I want to put in an mp3/ ipod connection (Roundel article I have has instructions to do this)