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    Engine Oil questions

    OK, I have a 90 535i, 5spd, 133K miles. I normally use 20/50 dino oil changed every 4k miles. Most of my driving is City (I live in SF on a hill!) with an occasional mix of freeway.

    However, I recently put in some Valvoline "Max Life" 10/40 oil: supposedly designed for older cars with high miles:


    So a few questions:

    1. given the "max life" logo, how many miles would you go before changing oil - 4K, 5k? more? less?

    2. would it be better to go to a full synthetic the next time and change oil every 8-10K miles?

    My only reservation is that on such an old car, a full synthetic will leak. What do all the "experts" here have to say about it?! Thanks!
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    '90 535i 239K mi Full Syn

    Bought my '90 535i in 1988 with 98K mi on it. Been using Mobile 1 15w50 full synthetic changed each 8k miles up until last year, switched to Mobile 1 10-40 high milage full synthetic. Car does no leak or burn any oil between changes. Several years ago I noted slight seepage from the pan gasket, just snugged up the pan bolts and it stopped seeping. The engine is all original, only work done on it is intake and gas lines rubber, Bosch plat plugs, dist cap rotor, plug wires, and a head gasket 4 years ago.
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