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    Elise, Exige exterior paint bubbling (lifting)

    Iím hoping to gather moreinformation from Lotus (1997-2005 Esprit), Elise and Exige owners that haveexperienced lifting or bubbling of their car paint.

    I have noticed a number ofpeople on different forums talking about this problem. In some cases what appears to be rain drops ororange peel is actually the paint lifting.

    I currently own a 2002 Espritand every panel including the rear wing has paint bubbling. My car is garagedand has never been repainted. But certainly needs it now. I feel this is aLotus issue.

    If you have one of the Lotusmodels listed above, I would like to hear from you.

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    Paint bubbling / blistering on my 2002 111S

    Hello from Germany.

    I know this might come a little late, but I just found your thread concerning the frequently discussed paint quality issues with our cars.

    In my case it began during summer 2006, when large areas on the front clam lifted and eventually chipped during car wash. After respraying the entire front clam (due to a little tete-a-tete with a crash barrier), this never occured again, except some small blisters around the rear lights and the sillboards - until yesterday.

    After the relatively cold winter (down to -16 degrees Celsius), I saw extreme bubbling on the rear clam, expecially on the transition area between rear wing and roof. The bubbles there are enormous, about 10cm long and 5cm wide. Luckily, the paint did not come of yet. On the sillboard however, using the water blaster killed the blistered paint completely.

    The repainted areas are not affected, so this seems to be indeed a problem with the original paint.

    Sometimes you can read that this problem could be similar to the 'osmosis'-phenomnon often seen in GRP-made boat shells. Hovever, osmosis would substantially damage the structure of the clamshell, which obviously is not the case in most (as far as I read all) of the discussed cases.

    Although my car had a severe moisture problem in the boot compartment due to a defective boot seal, and several centimeters of water stood in the boot during summer, I doubt this could be a moisture problem.

    The blistering on the front clam was much more severe a few years ago, and obviously this area can not be affected by trapped moisture.

    Kind regards,

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