Hoping some one could give me some advice
im 54 year old female i had a car accident 2010 hit by a truck claim has not yet been settled as i have injurys to neck and awaiting to see specilist and i have not drove since on my own .my car was a right off.
it was my husbands policy, for the last couple of months i have been driving local to get my self a bit more confidence
to cut a long story short my husband has fell out with me and took me off his policy and i have not got a clue how to insure my self, i have been looking at all the web sites and they all come back with high insurance as i have never been insured on my own policy , is there any one that knows of any cheap insurance for people who have accidents and never been insured on their own policy .
im finding it so difficult and he has just dissmised it and left me to sort it out my self
please any help would be gratefull