Hi all,

Im new to this forum and Benz ownership, being a BMW driver since 1995 and on my 9th BMW now (1999 E38 740i).

I just got a 2006 E500 4matic from the US (I live in Nigeria). I had an unfortunate conversation with wall and had to replace the bonnet, front bumper and fog lights. Its all nice and repainted now.

However, even though the airbags didn't deploy during the minor crash, the seat-belt tensioners did. I am trying to get info and contacts on how to source a new set of seat belts (complete with airbag sensors) and also to know if the seat occupancy sensor can be reset or if it needs replacement?

These 2 items are the only outstanding items on the repair list from the workshop, and both required to clear and reset the SRS light (system)

any and all suggestions or info will be appreciated.