I have a 2000 740i sport suspension (s.edc system) My suspensionis frozen in the stiff position. The light in the switch on the dash comes onwhen you first start the car, but then goes out immediately. Another problemthat started some time ago was the power steering would quit intermittently.This started about a year ago. I don't remember when the ride went tothe stiff postion, but now I have no power steering plus the stiff ride. I just replaced theDSC module to get my speedo working, ABS light and brake to go out and I hadthe steering angle recalibrated. This did not help the steering or the ridethough. Does anyone know if the Servotronic (elctronic - mechanical - hydrslic valve) would be causing this ride problem or would it be the s.edc module. Whichone should I replace first? When I had the steering angle recalibrated theysaid they did not see any other codes (local BMW dealer) and now of course theywant me to spend another $125 to hook the car back up to the computer to lookfor other codes. Can anyone tell me what I should do first?