Greetings all! This is my first post.

I live in the states and want to build a fast (light), smog exempt sleeper. This means I must use a car pre 1973.
I decided on the vw bug. I want it to be a clean euro look on the outside, but with a radical mid engine square tube frame underneath the skin. Only the body will be vw, everything else will be aftermarket or custom fab'd.

My idea:

Frame - Chrome Molly Square tube frame.

Suspension - IFS / IRS rear. Probably strut front / rear due to space.

Engine/ tranny - Acura TL v6 powered (270 hp / 240 ft-lbs) or Acura RSX-S i4 (200hp).

Plan - set the engine / tranny mid engine over rear axle, protruding into original rear firewall area.

Cooling via radiator in the front.

Custom fab floor pan and front rear firewalls.

Goals, <2000lbs curb wight, emphasis on handling. Street sleeper / smile maker.

About me:
I have worked as an auto fabricator, also have machine shop and welding experience.
I need help with the suspension part. I am lousy at math and don't know where to begin. I am familiar with basic terms such as Steering Axis Inclination, Scrub radius, camber effects etc.

I need help with the figuring out of where the suspension points should mount to the frame. I can weld machine what I need. I need to learn things like, should front a arm mounting points be even (level) or not (dive anti-dive); how does the angle of the strut on the lower control arm to the mounting point effect suspension geometry, etc...

Any help or ideas would be extremely appreciated. Any suggested books or links (for the math impaired) would help too.