My next BMW will get a lot of highway miles, and stay around 10+ years. Hybrids don't have much of an advantage on the highway, and 10 years is likely beyond the life of the batteries. So this test drive is just academic.

But, this thing is pretty cool. It has the 3.0 liter, turbo six-cylinder. So, there's 300 h.p. and 300 lb-ft of torque (plus what the electric motor might contribute) for a drag race. The car only had 70 miles on it when I picked it up, so I'll respect the break-in rules. But, it'd be fun to drop some red neck in a pick-up or a Mustang. "Hey, Billy Bob, you just got walked by a hybrid!"

There's several degrees of hybrid-ness, from "Sport" to "Eco Pro." In Eco Pro" it looks lke the battereis are allowed to get more depleted before turning on the engine to recharge them.

The regenerative braking has a graph, so you get an idea of how efficiently you're driving. If the meter's pegged, you using the brakes instead of the generators to slow the car down.

So far, I'm getting 33 MPG, but I'm driving more gently then my grandma drove her '61 Buick. It's nice actually watching your MPG go up once you hit the city and traffic.

It looks like the trunk floor is a few inches higher due to the batteries.

The sticker on this car is $61k. That's up there close to a 535i.

The Interwebs say there will eventually be another 3.0 liter, six-cylinder diesel 3-series in the U.S.

My dealer broke the special order part while installing it in my car and had to get another part overnighted. So, I get to keep the car another day.

This loaner is well equipped, inlcuding the heads-up display. I've decided that is now a necessity.