I have a BMW 328is and it currently wont start. I began having problems with it starting I thought due to the fact that it didnt get driven a lot (about once a week- I live in the city and parking is a nightmare so it's often not worth it to take the car). I had the battery recharged a while back and then they told me that I needed a new battery so I got one. That was about a year ago. maybe a week and a half ago it wouldnt start again so we jumped it with a booster. At first it wouldnt start but we thought it was because there was hardly any gas in the car. So we got some gas and put it in the car and after waiting for it to settle in, it started. The car was driven for about a total of 40 minutes this time. Then a week later, it wouldnt start again. When we tried to jump it, it still wouldnt start. It doesnt even turn over and even when the booster is hooked up to the battery, all the lights dont come on. My husband thinks it might be the generator. I'm not sure I'm confident enough to fix it myself but I live in Paris, France in a fairly expensive neighborhood and I would like to at least know a bit of what I'm talking about when I take it in- otherwise I'm a bit afraid of getting ripped off. Also would love any thoughts about good places that arent through the roof expensive in Paris if anyone knows. Thanks in advance for any tips! Kristin