Hi, just to give an introduction about ourselves. We are an independant garage established in 1985. our web address is http://www.bodyshop.uk.com/ .

Approx 5 years ago we branched our in two specialist areas, one being Porsche and the other the Bentley GT. We have two new designated web sites for the aformentioned marque which are near to completion.


So what, I hear you say, well we have a great deal of experience in the automotive field and developing new ideas all the time, and during the development stage we meet the odd problem, for instance the Porsche 997 with the cambus system...it dont like LED's does it, well we built a plug and play box years ago to overcome the irritating messages on your dash and sold more than I can count. Angel Eyes, we have been fitting them to the Bentley GT's for three to four years and more recentley the Porsche 997 (they look awesome) and we have a new development in the pipe line as I write. So when you have a break take a visit to the websites, if there is anything we can do for you please get in touch.

Many thanks for taking the time to read our short introduction.