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    2003 Z8 Alpina.. Electrical Issues

    Hey everyone. I'm new to this forum and I'm trying to get some advice on a problem i'm trying to fix on my brothers 03 Z8 Alpina. I'm the resident mechanic in my house but electrical problems are not my strong suite so hopefully somoene can shed some light. The problem began with the common issue these car seem to have of "clicking" when you press the start button. i've researched this on other forums and I've done the checklist:
    -Batter has been replaced 3 times with BMW OEM
    -I keep it on a 12V trickle charge
    -I've cleaned the ground wire and the battery connection with a wire brush
    -tried both keys and left them both in the igition overnight to charge

    However, the problem not only persists, it's worse. Car will start maybe 1 out of 10 tries. other issues:
    -sometimes key won't turn
    -top does not go up or down
    -windows don't work
    - headlights stay on regardless of switch location
    - no turn signals

    Once the car starts, the above mentioned issues persist but it drives fine. The car is garaged and always has been. it's not a water issue. I'm kinda lost at this point and the dealer just keeps putting a battery in it. Thought I would seek advice. Appreciate any help.. Thanks
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    If you haven't figured this one out I highly recommend a independent that is a specialist with BMW. Try www.bimrs.org for a good shop near you. Electrical issues on modern BMW are almost always control unit related and the starting point is going to be looking at fault codes in all, and potentially if all will communicate.
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    Are you still working on this issue?

    i did the air conditioning on this car and worked with all the electrical

    this car is very complicated, your best bet is process of elimination, disconnect items to see where your drain is

    you can also pull fuses, i don't know of any one expert, but i still have contact with the group in Munich

    if you're still working on this issue, please post again, i'll check
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    Start button electrical

    I have had this issue over the past few years and have been through 3 battery replacements but also noticed that this last time, it didn't correct the click start. I had to have the actual start button starter replaced which was costly. I've had similar electrical issues with the radio unfortunately as it would go on and off depending on the bump I hit in the road. I am slso asking to have the car reprogrammed to see if there are any fault related issues for both of these before they get replaced. Chas.
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