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Thread: bmw x5 e53

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    bmw x5 e53

    i have been having some problems with the car missing at about 56 mph.can any body help things been done all air pipes checked maf
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    Robert Platt Bell
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    Codes? Coils?

    Is the CE light on? Is it throwing codes? You will need an OBD II reader to read for error codes. Otherwise you are throwing darts in a darkened room.

    If it really is misfiring, it could be a cracked coil, which can be a problem on older BMWs. If you remove the decorative cover, you can unbolt the coils and check them and the boots for signs of cracking. Some have reported that you can fix these at least temporarily with electrical tape.

    Make sure BOTH ground wires are properly screwed to the head.

    But I am just guessing here. An OBD II code reader could tell you a lot more.
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