Earlier this morning I got the dreaded call that my daughter had been in an accident. Luckily she is fine. her friend was driving (fine too ) sideswiped a tree at 60mph. The IX has many great parts. The chassis, trans and engine have 110,000 miles on her. The transfer case (Maximillian export) was new in 2006 about 30k ago. Just replaced the tires last week. at least 3 of the wheels are good. The passenger side of the car is pancaked. The exhaust was new this past summer (borla). Interior is black leatherette in very good shape. I believe both of the front driveshafts are fine. The car was maintained by Pierre Respaut of Ultimate Cars of Bedford N.Y. Has was the authority on IX cars in the Northeast. He had 2 of them and one had 240k on it. I also have a new front fender which I was going to replace, an additional set of tail light, the original air filter box (k&N is in the car now) I would like to get $1200 for the car as is. call with questions 203-515-8952