Hi to all.

Firstly I've run a couple of searches on here and not found anything that I feel can help me.

I bought my first BMW, an E36 Compact 1.8ti, (m44 engine) a few weeks ago and all went well for the first week.

The problem I have is that the car suffers from a lack of power when you apply the throttle more than 3/4 and won't rev past 3000rpm. It doesn't matter what gear your in and is still a problem in Neutral.

It's not consistantly 3000 rpm. When colder the car will go to around 4k, but after 5-10mins it won't go past 3k. Holding the throttle open at 3k actually causes the car to drop revs down to around 2500. It feels like the car is being limited, it wants to rev higher but just seems to bounce back. If your gentle (1/2 throttle or less) you can coax it up to about 3500 rpm.

I have changed the mass air flow and this morning changed the fuel filter. The car is currently running on the driveway at 2k rpm with some Redex Petrol cleaner in the tank, i'm hoping this will help.

My question is, what should I do next?