Hi. I am after a bit of advise from someone out there! Three weeks ago my daughter had an accident at a roundabout. The driver behind her didn`t see her pull up at the roundabout and caused a rear-end shunt. The driver admitted liability, insurance companies etc where exchanged and my daughter subsequently took her car to an approved repairer to have the work done. Ten days later she was told by her insurance company that the repair would not be done because the cost was more than the current price of my daughter`s car (Vauxhall corsa, 02 reg) )and it would be classed as a write-off. A write-off price was quoted to my daughter but then the Insurance company said they would deduct an amount for the remaining amount outstanding on my daughter`s premium, (she is paying monthly by direct debit) This would considerably reduce the amount my daughter would have to buy another car. My question is: can the insurance company demand the outstanding amount or can my daughter just cancel the insurance, get the full valuation amount for the car, and start with fresh insurance if and when she gets a new car. This whole situation seems loaded in favour of the insurance companies and because, through no fault of her own, my daughter looks like she is going to be badly out of pocket.