I turned on my car today after work and an error came up in red with a ! it said something to the effect of "cannot apply parking brake" ...I did not tell it to apply the parking brake at anytime before or after the message appeared.

Now my parking brake does not come on when it is used. nothing is displayed saying it even recognizes that I pulled the lever.

When I turn left at a light and accelerate the car seems to put on the parking brake for a second? I get a noisy grinding sound almost and the cars brakes engage. IT IS DANGEROUS AT TIMES! When I turn left to have the brakes engage intermittently is dangerous if someone is turning left on the outside lane and I am on the inside or they are in the same lane and following too closely.

I turn left at a light, gas it and the break engages when i'm mid turn making a crunching sound and jerking a bit like its the parking brake engaging.....

The car is under warranty only has 29k miles. I have not had any issues with it or even taken it to a dealership until 2 weeks ago. now all of a sudden this is going on. I hate to be leery of the jaguar dealership but I live in orange county and every jaguar dealership around me has a horrible service record from what I can see online I shouldn't put it past them to sabatoge my ride for a few extra dollars somehow? or is that an outlandish idea I should do away with?

I took it to LRJ of Newport Beach. it was that one or Mission Viejo jaguar and Mission Viejo had worse reviews...

I've been reading forums and have seen a bit of stuff about ball joints and fenders causing problems similar to what I am having but most people are complaining just about the sound and grinding. I actually experience my car engage what seems to be the parking brake while turning....the warning on my dash about the parking break being unable to engage is no longer displaying but the brake still engages intermittently on left turns. I'd like to know whats wrong with it before this coming tuesday when I take it in..any ideas?