I'm sorry this is such a basic question, but my Wife succeeded in misplacing our Owner's Manual and I have a warning light illuminated in the dash which I need to ID.

She's the regular driver of this vehicle, so I'm not too familiar with the different warning lights.

The illuminated warning light is a yellow ovalish one near the lower left of the speedo. I am assuming it's the general check engine light????

When I plug the OBDII reader into the vehicle, it shows 0 codes.

In the textual information center readout, it constantly says washer fluid level is low/empty. It says that even though the washer fluid is full. I'm not sure if the sensor is bad, wire unplugged, or the computer is goofy. The car was hit by an entire herd of deer on the passenger side and right front a few months ago. That's the same side the washer fluid reservoir is on of course.

It's been repaired, but it's hard to tell if the washer fluid sensor wire became dislodged or not since the washer fluid bottle disappears below the neck. I haven't tried to look from underneath to see if I can see the washer fluid bottle's bottom section from that angle yet.

Anyhow.....would the low washer fluid sensor be causing the yellow warning lamp to light-up while no OBDII codes show up?