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    Question: Blinking gear light on panel

    Took my 2002 M3 convertible to be have rear bumper replaced due to being rear ended. I could drive the car - accident was over a month ago but when I picked up the car the gear light on the panel kept blinking and hasn't stopped - occasionally there is a warning ring as well.

    As I was driving the car wouldn't go into gear but did not die, and the light kept blinking. Turns out the hood spring was loose (car won't drive unless the hood is completely closed) so I tightened and car goes into gear just fine but the gear light keeps blinking.

    Any ideas on why or how to fix it? Could it be the sensor under the hood?
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    I assume you have a SMG transmission. There is a relay changer that can fail (part number 12-63-1-742-690) and this will cause the gear shaped light to flash and often prevents gear changes. This part failed on my car while it was still under warranty a few years back but I believe the part was less than $20. However, my car wasn't rear-ended.

    I'd suggest having an ECU reading done so you can find the fault codes and isolate this problem. The car is useless if you can't change gears and the light remaining on suggests that the problem persists.

    Good luck.
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