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    186,000 miles and running fine

    I'm in for the long run here, with my 2.8L Coupe has anyone had any problems with their car . It seems the only problems I had I created, like spraying my MAF sensor with the wrong fluid. Changed the water-pump at 85,000 and everything seems fine. Any insight on what I should look at when I get to 200,000 miles?
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    At that mileage I'd be willing to bet you're taking care of routine maintenance. Still, I'd do all the 'other' fluids, differential, transmission, brakes, power steering. I'd consider replacing all the cooling system hoses- heater hoses - everything. Steering linkage components should be checked for play - get under the car and look for play while someone jiggles the steering wheel back and forth. Ans since you have it up grab the wheels one at a time and see if there is any play (wheel bearings) A more difficult item is the rear subframe bushings. If you haven't already replaced them they are certainly worn out. While under there closely inspect where the subframe and the differential mount attach to the body. Look for broken spot welds or signs of flexing. With a little care another 100K is quite possible.
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