How to sell the wife's '90 325iC to a complete stranger? The car is loaded plus all the accessories she has bought thru the years of owning the E-30. IT is a very attractive to sell for ONLY $3,500. The problem is after I take people for a ride and use a little of the "kick down" they mention that the car has too much power to be driven by their kids. So now I ask, are you buying the car for you or someone else (kids) also I ask them if they have any experience with this model of BMW, if not I refuse to sell on both counts (kids) and (nonexperience). I wish to find someone who would appreciate and recognize what they are buying. Sadly, I'm going to close my eyes and bite the bullet and sell it, because it has been too long in owning a piece of mechanical art. If anyone in this Forum knows someone that desires an almost classic E30 direct them my way.