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    2001 325xi In Storage for 3 years--How much to get it road ready?

    Hi, all.

    I have a silver 2001 BMW 325xi that I've kept in storage for the past 3 years. The car has been driven once in that time, but I am planning a cross country move shortly, and I'd like to get it road ready. The car has had work in the past--I had to replace the alternator--but, other than that, it has always treated me well. I have about 103k miles on it, and I'd hope to get at least another 50k before I have to think about replacing it. Does anyone have any idea how much I would be looking at to get the car road ready for a cross country drive, and, if so, have any recommendations for a repair shop in New Jersey that could do the work at a fair price? Thanks so much for your help, and I'd appreciate any feedback!


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    Many posts on this subject. After three years there is not much you need to do.

    The battery is probably just about toast if you let it go dead. Maintenance free lead acid batteries do not like to go dead, and they like to be shaken regularly to keep the acid from stratifying. You can probably charge it and start the car, but don't expect much more from it.

    I would top it off with fresh fuel, disable the ignition and crank it for a few seconds to move oil through the engine, and then drive it.

    After a few miles, I would replace all the fluids - oil, coolant, and brake fluid. Also transmission and rear end oil if they have a lot of miles on them. If it is an automatic, you may not want to do the transmission yourself.

    This is a 14 year old car, so there are a lot of plastic and rubber parts that are old and brittle. Being parked did not aggravate those problems, however.
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