Wow.. I apologize for the delay. These notifications went to my spam on the server and never made it down.
Thanks for all of the responses to my welcome post. We know a lot of cars and trucks, but my favorites are the classics like most people.
Don't go into shock chevy lovers, but we are currently building a 34 Ford Roadster.
I hope it makes up for it when I tell you I am headed to Jasper, IN next week for the 48 Hour Corvette build. It should be FANFRIGGINTASTIC! They are using one of our QuickTrick systems to align the vette as a final touch! Tune in and watch live. They did a 48 hour camaro 4 years ago.
Here is the link:
We are running a clearance right now too. I updated the website in my profile so as not to spam.
Is anyone going to the 48 Hour build?

Ninja Nana Tess!