Has anyone ever thought of modifying an existing pop up navi unit to work in the 2004 Z-4 dash???
Here is my thought. A pop up navigation unit from say....a Volvo S80. modify the unit so that only the OEM Volvo lift mechanism remains. install within the unit an aftermarket unit such as a Magellan, or Garmin, or even Tom Tom. install the unit into the center of the dash above the air vents. in theory it may work but there are a few questions.
1- Is there enough room behind the air vent duct?
2- could this physically be done?
3- Am I completely nuts?

Any input will be most appreciated.

This is the unit I saw on E-bay: http://www.ebay.com/itm/Volvo-InDash...2e13c9&vxp=mtr

I hope this actually works.......
Thank you all.