Anyone have any hands-on experience with the quality of URO Parts Transmission Connector Adapter Plug 2035400253? The reviews on Amazon are overwhelmingly positive and they only cost about six bucks, seems like a no-brainer to go with URO instead of the Mercedes dealer. Since the OEM connector doesn't last that long and the URO Parts version gets such good reviews, I'm having a hard time justifying three times the cost for an OEM part of clearly mediocre quality.How about the transmission conductor plate? You'd think URO would offer a transmission fluid flush component kit that includes the conductor plate, the connector adapter, and a seal like some of the parts houses. Can't find a URO Parts conductor plate or any reviews though, guess they don't make one. Dorman makes a replacement conductor plate, but how is their quality? They're not exactly known as specialists on european cars, and the conductor plate is a seriously complicated part. Maybe OEM is the way to go there.