In July 2016, while relocating across country, the differential on my 2009 328i failed. We had to leave the car with a dealer in Illinois, and rent a car for the rest of the relocation trip. The repair bill totaled $3500; we spent another $1700 for the rental car and to have the repaired car sent to me in Oregon. The car had never been used for towing and had been gently used. I’ve seen differentials keep going for 200,000 or 300,000 miles of abuse on taxicabs, so this failure on a “high quality” car is especially frustrating.

It took BMW NA nearly 2 months to finally respond to my complaint; they felt that it was not something they felt obliged to compensate. When I told them that I would publicize the situation, and that I had recorded the call with the CSR, he went ballistic at me.

Guess what brand I will *never* consider when I buy another car?