Fellow Forum Members,

I have been active in the e23,e24,e28,e31,e32 Forums.
I have a hydraulic Brake Booster Servo DIY Repair kit that I have been selling for 5 years.
And I looked into other Bimmer models & parts and repair kits to offer.
I also offer a rebuild service for various components.

I have put together a DIY (do it yourself) LUK LF-30 repair kit. Cost is $19.00 USA, International is $20.00, includes mailing.

There are two types of LF-30's, each one has a different DIY Kit, so you need to identify your PSP, from the photo.

Here is the link:


The link will also WORK from your smart phone.

Just follow my written directions shown to view the icon and the info panel.