I haven't posted in a very long time (I long ago sold my e9, e23s, e24s, e28, and e32), but picked up a nice e90 335i recently that is now givine me fits w/ the HID headlights.

2007 335i e90 110k Miles w/ adaptive HID headlights.

The L main beam burned out, so I replaced the bulb and it was back in business, but then a couple of days later, I
got a warning text "Headlight Adaptation Fault" (I think that was the wording).

I plugged in 2 different scan tools (Launch 431X and Autel MaxiDas DS708) I have available and they both showed identical results as below.
The faults shown in the foot well module were:

1) 9CC0 Communication w/ step motor controller on the right disrupted.
2) 9CBF Communication w/ step motor controller on the left disrupted
3) A8AA Dipped beam left faulty

The left headlight is pointed full left (makes the car look wall-eyed), and the right side is pointed fine.

I tried to reset the faults, and the A8AA fault went away (but the left headlight was still pointed askew), but faults 1 and 2 (above) would not reset. Both scanners showed a computer communications fault that was preventing a reset of the 2 remaining faults.

I also used the activation feature of the scantools to see if we could make the headlight motors operate in any of the directions advertised, and neither scantool could make either headlight move, and the scanners showed a "communication fault."
After the attempted resets, the #3 above (A8AA) is reset, but now a new one is present: FRM:ALS System Faulty 9315, plus we still have faults #1 & #2 above.

To ME (and I don't know much about the system), it now seems I have a communications problem between a major control system and the actual headlights that have the servo stepper motors inside them.
I am guessing that the fact I had the left headlight bulb burn out shortly before ( a matter of days before I got the warning text) is a coincidence, but I've also learned there are few coincidences in life, so that's why I am asking here in case someone else has had similar problem. A search of the Forum didn't turn anything identical up, but I may have missed it.

I've pulled the bumper and tried plugging the l H/L into the R side, but nothing happens (no movement, though the bulbs work fine).

I know these are stepper motors, but applying low current from a 9v alkaline battery makes each L H/L motor "grunt" momentarily, so the motors don't appear to be burned out, though I don;t know about geartrain abnormalities. There was some droplets inside the assembly (It IS Washington State and it's rained (hard at times) 30 out of the last 31 days.
No corrosion evident inside, and it took only 5min of forcing cold air through the housing w/ a hair drier to dry it completely, so I'd hope the humidity didn't damage something.

Are there any test procedures for the assembly that can be done. A call to the dealer resulted in a start point of about $2000, with no guarantees of course, though I really have no such intentions.

A good friend is a dealer trained independent Bimmer tech, and he is throwing up his hands as well.

Any ideas, or suggestions most appreciated! (Obviously searched several forums and didn't find any really close situations,
though maybe I missed something. I did read that a pot hole or a speed bump taken too fast can destroy the headlight positioning system, but I didn't hit any bumps after replacing
the bulb.

And I thought my e32 could be inscrutable...