I do change the engine oil every 3K miles, but now I'm doing it every 5K miles (shame, shame), while doing the engine oil change I decided to checked the scheduled to change the fluids for the tranny, differential, and power steering (50K miles) and they were close enough to also be change, plus I was off by a month on the annual brake fluid...so I went to work on all of them, the only problem I had during the bleeding to the brakes, I didn't have enough brake fluid in the pressure bottle and when I open the shudder to bleed the brake slave cylinder just air came out, now l was screw thinking I trapped air in the master brake cylinder too, after adding more brake fluid to the bottle I did bleed the slave cylinder (no bubbles) thinking lucky I did not trapped air in the master cylinder, OK I put every thing away and before down jack the car I went to check the brakes by pushing the paddle it check OK, next I push the clutch paddle it did go all the way to the floor without feeling any counter pressure, and not be able to shift, WTF!. I wasn't going to start all over bleeding the clutch again, so I sat in the driver seat and started to pump the clutch paddle, and it took about 10 minutes to feel any pressure plus to being able to shift. As a flux I learn something of how to do it: First remove the cap from the brake fluid reservoir, Second when you pump the paddle don't go all the way to the floor, just push the paddle half way several times and then go all the way to the floor and hold it there for few seconds, and start all over with the same cycle until you feel some back pressure , in between check if you can change gears to make sure.

In the 21 years that I have own the car I have never change the engine mounts, I purchased the mounts about 5 years ago just in case they need it to be done, now that I have so much time on hand (being retired) why not replace the mounts while the car still up on jacks, so I did it and it was not an easy affair for me anyway, when they were out I did compare the high between the old mount and the new it was insignificant, I don't know if the old mount rubber should have been collapsed or how to verify when they are bad in the car, anyway they got R&R.