Maybe I wish I'd never seen the color but once I did I couldn't go back. It's called quartz blue metallic and the only time bmw used it was in 2006 on it's 325s and 330s. And since that's the year and models I'm looking for seems like I'd be in luck, huh. Problem is after looking at many hundreds of these '06 3-series for sale all over the southeastern US I've found only one in that color. Although I'm in no hurry to buy this thing, considering I'm also looking for low mileage, being mechanically sound and an almost perfect body and interior, I figured I need to think about finding a good one in just any color and then painting it the quartz blue I'm looking for.

So my question is... is it possible to repaint a car like I'm proposing and have it look as good and hold up as well as a factory paint job?