Unfortunately after 5 years of solid service, more than we hoped to get from it, someone ran up the rear end of our 94' 530i while my wife was driving and it's my guess it will need to be totaled. Fortunately she's okay, sore neck but nothing beyond that we know of. We'll get her checked out tomorrow.

Some of you might remember I went through this car pretty well. New knock sensors, all new cooling components, rebuilt injectors, idler pullies, battery, etc.. Some interior pieces as well. Basically everything works and works well. I'll paste my notes below.. if anyone sees anything they want let me know and I'll give you a price.

I'll check back in a 4-5 days after we hear from the insurance company:

1994 BMW 530i Sedan WBAHE2326RGE88971

July – August 2013
1994 BMW 530i parts replaced:

Fuel System: Fuel pump, fuel level sender assembly and gasket, fuel pressure regulator, (2) fuel filters, fuel lines, fuel pump fuse, fuel pump relay, fuel pressure regulator

Ignition System: (8) Spark plugs, 4 new anti-knock sensors, DME module (bought used but had latest revisions) but not yet installed,

Gaskets: intake manifold gaskets, valve cover gaskets, lower oil plan gaskets, rear PVC plate, water pump, thermostat,

Cooling system: Radiator, water pump, thermostat, thermostat housing, expansion tank, expansion tank cap, ALL cooling hoses, BMW blue coolant (2gal), Royal Purple, Purple Ice, fan clutch, coolant level sensor, coolant temperature sensor, coolant pipes (2) that run under intake seals (2) on each pipe, s

A/C System: Aux cooling fan, A/C condenser, A/C o-rings, Aux fan switch sensor, Aux fan switch sensor connector replace,

Belts: Both tensioner shock type springs, new tensioner pulleys, all new belts,

Automatic Transmission: Shifter cable, shifter cable bushing/nut set, shifter lights, transmission filter, transmission drain plug and seal, transmission fluid (Castrol Synthetic High Mileage), Lucas Transmission fix (half bottle),

Engine Oil system: Synthetic oil, oil filter, oil drain plug and washer seal,

Filters: air filter, air filter box bottom support,

OES Genuine Washer Reservoir, plug, motor,

New Accelerator, Cruise control, and Idle control Bowden cables,

Relays: DME relay, aux fan relays (both), fuel pump,

Misc bulbs and what not: Fog light bulb, several interior lights, throttle cable and cruise control aluminum bushing kit, (4) engine cover rubber/steel vibration studs, engine cover caps,

October: (4) new 80,000 mile Khumo tires from Sears, alignment, balancing,

December 16: (all to cure rough idle when cold issue) Install used DME module sourced earlier, fixed idle speed issue, and cold start higher idle speed issue (It wasn’t happening), new set of intake runner gaskets, front throttle plate gasket, rear PCV plate gasket, replaced “new” URO rear PCV that didn’t work right in cold weather for OEM PCV plate, new oil fill cap (seal leaking), new 11 blade cooling fan (3 blades broke, don’t know how/why), new ICV gasket, rebuild (8) fuel injectors (top/bottom seals (Echlin), new filters, pressure/flow test), fuel lines to fuel rail hose clamps (2), new OEM extension pipe from oil separator to rear PCV plate, replace all torx head bolts and flat washers on rear PCV and front throttle plates with new grade 5 hex head bolts and flat washers,

January 1st, 2014: Car continues to run well, perfect actually, but replaced the 5/8th exterior snap rings on both the accelerator and cruise control cable pieces, also replaced the cable end plug on the cruise control cable, and routed and greased the cables properly so they wouldn’t slip and run the RPM up anymore. I have a front bumper shock, front grill piece, and a ASC cable on the way.

January 15th, 2014: Car reported to have made a “thunk” noise and then began running very rough. A quick look revealed the fan was missing six of its eleven blades. Curious. Removing the fan had the car running silky smooth again, the rough running was due to the fan throwing the rotating mass off-balance. Checked carefully for debris and found and removed all six fan blades. There was no apparent reason the fan shredded itself. Nothing in the way of the blades, a motor mount test revealed the engine only moved ½ - ¾ of an inch with the ‘brake test’ no matter how high the RPM’s. Investigation revealed the fan might have been positioned backwards and over time broke off blades. After finding old stock photographs to confirm this I mounted a new OEM BMW fan and the car is back in service with no issues.

7/2/14 – Purchased these front and rear suspension components

1 87-10003 AN BMW E3 530i Suspension - Idler Arm
2 87-30011 AN BMW E34 530i - Subframe Mount
1 93-00302 AN BMW E34 530i - Control Arm
1 93-00334 AN BMW E34 530i - Control Arm
1 93-00557 AN BMW E34 530i - Control Arm
1 93-00587 AN BMW E34 530i - Control Arm
1 94-20007 AN BMW E34 530i - Drag Link
2 94-60017 AN BMW E34 530i - Sway Bar Link
1 DISCKIT Control Arm Kit #93-80095 Discount
2 94-60066 AN BMW E34 530i - Sway Bar Link
2 85-10015 AN BMW E34 530i - Complete Tie Rod Assembly
2 94-70003 AN BMW E34 530i - Trailing Arm

The parts where installed, and an alignment at Shutes Alignment in Danville on Bowen was performed. I should mention that Sears had previously aligned this car but did it wrong as confirmed through Shutes.

7/30/14 – Installed map/dome light fixture for the front seats. I found one on ebay from a 40,000 mile car and it looked like brand new and everything worked as it should.

1/05/15 Replaced Glove Box hinges and strut, new center console wood,

3/12/15 New Front Brakes. POWER STOP K390 front Ceramic Pads and Cross Drilled/Slotted Combo Rotors brake kit. Pads, rotors, new sensors,