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    2008 BMW 528i Is alignment necessary when getting new tires?

    I was told by BMW alignment is not necessary years ago. The cars do not need it. Is this right?
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    Hard to beleive BMW told you it wasn't necessary.
    Has it ever been aligned in the past?
    How many miles since it was last aligned?
    If you drive on bad roads I'd definitely get an alignment done when you get new tires.
    I've got 156K on my car and have had the alignment done twice, no pot hole infested roads here.
    Some guys get it done every year.
    Just a few mods.
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    You ask a VERY general question, but I think expect a specific answer.

    First things first.
    What is the mileage on the car?
    Why are you replacing the tires? Completely bald? Cupped? Worn on the outer edges? Vibration?
    What suspension work has been done to it? Ever? Recent?
    How many miles did you get from the last set of tires?
    Did they wear evenly all around or did you see any strange wear patterns? Front? Rear?
    What air pressure do you maintain in the tires?

    There are many reasons you would want to do an alignment on all 4 wheels (independent suspension) or not.

    If your BMW gets 60k+ miles on a set of tires that wear evenly all around the car (no staggered setup) and get a smooth ride throughout that time, then you are blessed with sunshine and don't need to do an alignment.
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