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Thread: 528iT Value

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    528iT Value

    Hello - I was over in the E-34 forum until my wife was re-ended in my E-34 and the insurance company totaled the car.

    I'm looking at a 1999 E39, a 528iT green, with 94k. Cosmetically the car is in great condition but it has a rebuilt title after an insurance company totaled the car after a front end accident. The seller bought it at auction and used parts from an donor car to repair it. He claims there was some frame damage but a frame shop pulled it out. On further questioning he said there was a slight front end shimmy above 75mph.


    A. How likely the shimmy IS NOT related to a bad frame repair?
    B. Approximate value of this car.

    Thank you

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    Shimmy could be related to front suspension, has is ever been replaced?
    Just a few mods.
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    I think you need to ask a few more questions to get to the bottom. Here is an example situation I was involved in.

    about 20 years ago I picked up a Fox body Mustang GT convertible that was hit on the driver door and the windshield pillar was pushed in.
    I took the car to a very reputable frame shop and the guy basically told me to go jump off a bridge. He did not want anything to do with the
    car. I took it to a few other shops and settled on the low estimate shop.

    When I got the car back, nothing fit when I tried to reassemble the body panels back on the frame. The door needed an inch of spacers between
    the pillar and the door mount bracket to line up with the front quarter panel. The dashboard would not fit between the pillars. I had to come up
    with a hydraulic press mounted between the pillars to expand them far enough to stuff the dashboard frame in. The driveshaft banged on the
    body cavity when rotated by the engine, and on, and on, and on. Total $hit job. I took it to another reputable frame shop to have it inspected.

    Found out that most critical frame alignment/mounting points were off from where they are supposed to be by anywhere from .25" to over 1".

    When I went back to the shop that did the work with my frame report on paper I got crickets. Took them to small claims court, but cost of multiple estimates and attorney fees
    would have been higher than what I could get back.

    I put the car back together and sold it asap for a loss.

    If the guy is telling you it had frame damage, DEMAND something from the frame shop that did the work that shows you the present frame
    alignment points in comparison to where they are supposed to be from the factory. I mean a REAL frame shop with a full feature frame machine.

    If he does not have it, ask him if he will pay for a frame shop to check and give you a report. If not, run as fast as you can unless you
    want someone's headache. There IS a reason why he is selling a LOW mileage car with "repaired" frame damage.
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