Stumbled into a 2000 540/6 at a local repo auction for $450 that was abandoned without gas and dead battery.
Amazing what these pimps will do to these cars.
Just because you can steal enough food stamps to have a first month deposit does not mean you can afford it or be able to maintain it.
Early owners put a lot of M5 parts on it, last owner just neglected it.
Car had (3) 245-45-17 tires and (1) 265-45-17 tire on the front.
Both M5 bumpers damaged.
Driver window regulator was gone from the door and the window was out. Door handle line to the actuator was broken for the inside door handle and the exterior door handle had the lever broken.
ABS does not work.
Radio does not work.
Many interior pieces gone or broken.
Front fender dented by the headlight.
Xenon bulb missing, lens broken, actuator motor rusted, adjusters broken.
Rear sway bar, brackets and bushings are missing. Rear sway bar links are still there, but probably useless.
Someone did a $hitty resonator delete and ugly (cheap) single out muffler install using standard carbon steel and holders. Rusting now and (1) bracket weld broke off.
Looks like someone did not know to change the rubber seal when replacing the oil filter as oil was seeping out of the top of the filter.
Filthy as if pigs lived in it for a while.
Was in a passenger rear side collision and a VERY poor job was done to cut/weld bondo the area. All interior cut surfaces were not treated or painted and are rusting.
Front wheel bearing bad.
Brakes down to no pad and just metal on metal scraping.
Probably forgetting many things as this car desperately needed attention everywhere, but the engine and tranny still run strong after fluid changes. Left a 20' burnout leaving my driveway the first time.

I promised to give the black 97 540/6 (Skunk 5) to my son after a successful completion of his first year in college. How time flies. He wasn't even born yet in 97. Just hope he appreciates the balance and power of that car.
Slowly getting it back to being BMW road worthy and want to make it into a car we can take to drive schools and local road courses for some fun.
I picked up an intake from a 95 740 sitting in a local junk yard with the huge runners. That intake makes a huge difference in how these engines make power in higher rpms. I installed one on my old X5 4.4 and that engine kept building power past it's redline.

Desperately need to find a rear sway bar, brackets and bushings as season is getting close. Anyone has an M5 stock rear or upgraded (at least 17mm) sway bar?
What other e39 parts do you have and are willing to part with for this revival project?

Thanks for any leads.