I'm doing a clutch job for a friend w/ a '87 325is and everything has gone smoothly but now the LAST bell housing bolt has me stumped.

I cannot figure out how to get the upper starter nut into place to run the bolt from the back side.

I searched but no threads addressed this I could find.

I feel truly fortunate that I have never had a starter failure on an M20 engine in my past e28 and e30!! I did a search thinking I couldn't be the ONLY one with this problem, but apparently I may be.

Is there a "secret" for someone with XL-XXL hands to get the nut stabbed onto the upper starter bolt?

Is there a good way to maybe secure a nut to the starter housing? I was thinking of brazing the base of the nut to a sheet metal strip that bends tightly around the starter flange so it will stay in place when the starter is positioned?