Finally got to the remaining rattle noise in the M5, I thought it was stuff in the centre console rear air-ducts, but after removing the rear trim, vacuuming the air-ducts with a garden hose gaffer-taped to the vacuum cleaner, still noise. It turned out to be five coins of different sizes and a Mentos lolly some how trapped in the channel under the front seat rail and the floor, that were free to move and roll but not free enough to get free from their trapped location. Car is now silent again, except for the next weekend job to remove two 5c coins from the inner side rail, a little more effort is required, but they are now trapped vertically in the carpet gap at the front of the rail.

But I also managed to completely dis-assemble the air-direction mechanism from the centre console trim and re-seat the pivoting "tongs" that allow the side to side movement of the left side air vent.

Freude am fahren yet again, when the music is turned off.

Good bye Roadfly posting, the world is now moving on.