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    Horrific Grinding Noise When Window Goes Down 2004 325i

    Hey guys, So this happened twice now. First to my passenger side window/door frame. A couple of months back, a friend slammed the passenger door harshly tho really it was the obscene amounts of high winds that day. Well, the next time I rolled the window down it sounded as though it was grinding up glass inside the bottom of the door frame. So I opened and closed it a few times until all the grinding sounds stopped. Still works, there's the occasional crackle or crackling sound. Today, it happened to my driver side window and the door wasn't even slammed. When I press the window down button on the center console it sounds just horrible, like glass or machine parts are being ground up in the lower door portion. The window even got stuck halfway down, but luckily it still rolled back up. Since I didn't slam the driver side door, I'm beginning to believe that it just happened to the passenger side door on it's own and had nothing to do with my friend accidentally slamming the door hard or it being due to the high winds. I'm thinking this is some kind of design flaw that comes with age as it is a 2004 325i but in mint condition, no accidents! Any insight would be greatly appreciated and thanks!
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    window mechanism

    rear window mechanism packed up on my 2002 330D 3 or 4 months back. ordered a new one from independent supplier. took my mechanic less than an hour to replace, driver's side then went. same routine, bought another one and went through same motion again. only snag it is after market parts and unknown quality. driver's side packed again after a month, was replaced FOC by supplier but still had to pay twice to have it fixed, 35 + fitting & carriage each time. nothing over dramatic, more of an inconvenience, IMO!
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