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    Scott Bellows
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    Cigarette lighter installation

    The lighter in my E28 has fallen back inside the dash. Still works, but I've got my detector and phone charger cords run in the hole and plugged into the loose lighter socket inside. I can't see how the damn thing fastens to the underside of the dash. There's an orange plastic ring around the top, that has 3 detents that match detents on the underside of the dash, but short of glopping epoxy in there, how do you make it stick? Thanks!

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    stephen m
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    Re: Cigarette lighter installation

    the lighter socket clips into the plastic. the plastic piece w/ the orange ring is glued to the center console....<p>my advice would be to remove the center dash (documented well in Bentley), which only takes ~20 minutes, and re-glue the holder. this is a good time to check all the bulbs and clean all the connections.<p>good luck....<p>stephen m.<br>'85 H5S<br>'73 2002

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    Tim in PA
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    That connector is only like $3

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    I have repaired four lighters by...

    using a very small amount of JB Weld and holding with your finger (or thumb if you have small fingers) for about five minutes. Allow 24 hours to dry before testing.<p>It works great!<p>Scottie

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