Did we every get that to BMW or are we still working on it? Was doing some looking around for new 02 info and found that according to the articles that BMW should still be considering it. My guess would be sometime around the beginning of the new year we should see things or maybe BMW wants to keep it under wraps longer.

Also in case not everyone one knew this the Z3 will most likely be discontinued in 2003 because of the new MG which will actually just takes is place with a little redesign. That leaves an opening in BMW which happens to be around the same time that the 2002 is supposed to be out. Will it happen? We'll have to wait. Also most likely it won't be a copy of the Mini, but BMW's compact car still RWD and more fun to drive than ours now, well most of ours. Just thought I'd let the newbies know whats going on and anybody else that hadn't heard.