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    Repost: Searching for Seiko Seiki AC compressors

    Fellow bimmerheads,
    I am looking for a supplier (no BMW dealers please)of new Seiko Seiki R12 AC compressors.
    I have two '90 E34 535i and both have the same type compressors.The factory BMW roundel labels show a part number
    64528350060.Any information is appreciated.

    Information or experiences with rebuilding the Seiko Seiki compressors is welcome. Although at the cost of R12 today I am
    hestitant to consider any rebuilts.
    Any experiences with Sanden compressors is also appreciated. My current knowledge is that Sandens are good units when
    new and have a reputation for lasting a good many years if the remaining system is in good shape, but seldom rebuild well
    enough to hold out for long periods of time. I'm told the Sanden is relatively cheaper than the Seiko Seiki.
    I tried a rebuilt Toyota Sanden once on my mothers Toyota Supra some years ago and it crapped out in six months. Over the
    years I have also tried several various models like York and Harris rebuilt compressors in other autos with no luck in them
    lasting more than a year.
    Given these experiences and the current cost of R12 I have a skeptical and bad opinion of rebuilt compressors.

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    Greg G
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    Enjoy COLD air

    Save yourself a BUNCH of money and get a rebuilt from a good auto parts store, they come with either a 1 year or LIFETIME warrenty(try that with your new part) AND CONVERT TO R134 I have done 7 and there are many posts (myself included) on converting. THE PEOPLE RANTING ABOUT COMPATABILITY AND COOLING PROBLEMS ARE THE ONES THAT ARE GOING TO GET LOTS OF YOUR MONEY FOR R12
    Just make sure you put the proper oil in the compressor and lines, REPLACE YOUR DRIER and EVACUATE the system before recharging. DO NOT REPLACE THE LINES unless needed, the $5.00 adapters work fine. Yea after 2 years with my converted system that will freeze you out (according to passengers)my unreliable and inefficient system needed a 12 oz. recharge and it cost me a fortune for R134(3.55 + tax OUCH)
    Good Luck

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    I have a 1991 535i and am converting to R134. I have the oil but do not know the capacity of the Seiko-Seiki compressor. I assume I will have to turn it upside down to remove the oil and replace with pac oil but how much?
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