help if you can. i am changing the weather stripping on my 72tii. i'm talking about the rubber stripping at the bottom outside of the driver and passenger roll-up windows and the vertical stripping on the front of the windows. i think i've got the 'squeegee' figured out (got the trim strip out and can see how the replacement will fit in - at least i hope i've got it figured out - we'll see). the piece i'm not sure about is the vertical stripping that lines the front of the windows - i'm talking about the stripping that goes on the back side of the quarterwindows. what i need to figure out is if i need to take the door panels off to install this particular piece of weather stripping? the replacement piece i have is pretty long so it looks like it would extend down into the door. anybody out there have any suggestions and/or experience? i'd greatly appreciate any help i can get. thanks
tim '72tii