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    BMW steering wheel for '79 633CSI. What will fit

    Looking at several BMW and aftermarket steering wheels for a '79 633CSI.

    Will a 2002, 320i, or 528i(E12) wheel fit a 633CSI? Are the steering wheel shafts the same?

    There are several 320is and 2002 sport steering wheels on eBay. Wondering which, if any, will bolt-on and look appropriate.

    Thinking about a Momo Monte Carlo as well. Anyone know the hub part #?

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    Re: BMW steering wheel for '79 633CSI. What will

    Hi Jeffrey,
    I have the Momo Monte Carlo on my '80, great wheel! I looked in an old Korman Autoworks catalog and found some info for you. It appears that the hub adapter for the 2002 is different, but everything from the 320i, older big six models, E12 5ers and 6ers thru '82 fit the same hub adapter. The P/N is 31 59 2 110 157 for this adapter. Now this P/N looks suspisiously like a BMW P/N, so I'm not too sure about that but... Anyway, perhaps you can contact Korman and see if they still have them. HTH!

    1980 633 CSi

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