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    Source for Varta 500 RST batteries?

    I'm looking for a US source for Varta 500 RST ni-cad batteries. I'm replacing my dash and this seems like a good time to replace the SI Board batteries too. Does anyone know of a source?


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    Re: Source for Varta 500 RST batteries?

    Try RS Components there in the UK. any good electronic shop should be able to order them from RS or get them yourself from a trade counter

    (If your in the US try Radioshack)

    RS Components 01536 201201 UK

    Check the part number for the battery IE MN1500, AA, LR6 or SP/HP7 they are the standard numbers found on an AA battery.

    I went to replace mine and bought the batteries before opening the cluster and the batteries in mine were about one third the size of an AA battery.

    dont forget they are rechargable and i have heard the must be installed fully charged

    Hope this helps


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