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    TIP: Cleaning Windshield Glass with Bon Ami

    Hi all,

    I have seen a lot of posts lately about water spots and windshield cleaning. A lot of suggestions have been made (steel wool, Griot's Glass Polish, etc), but, surprisingly, no one has mentioned Bon Ami. I personally have used Bon Ami on windshields in the past and have been impressed with the results. Check out the link below. I'll Also include the BMW Service Bulletin referenced in the link.

    I would like to hear about others experiences with this product.

    Good Luck,
    BMW Service Bulletin

    Bulletin Number: 61 02 94 (3990)
    Noisy Wipers, Poor Cleaning: Group 61 Electrical

    Woodcliff Lake, NJ
    May 1994
    Product Engineering

    Windshield Wipers Are Noisy Or Do Not Clean Properly


    Windshield wiper blades may start to make noise, or fail to clean the windshield properly, even though the blades are not worn and are properly adjusted.

    This can be caused by contaminants on the glass, such as oily road deposits or wax residues from car washes. These contaminants can cause the blades to chatter across
    the glass or fail to wipe cleanly.

    Common contaminants that are not removed by conventional glass cleaner can be cleaned with Bon Ami(R), a household cleaning product.

    The cleaner should be applied on a wet cloth or sponge and the windshield must be thoroughly and evenly scrubbed. Wipe off residue with a clean,dry cloth before the
    product dries on the glass.

    Warranty Status:
    Information only.

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    Thanks Kent!

    You just helped to identify another product for our interim Glass Cleaner test (should be out within a month or so, via electronic distribution; Guru Reports members will receive complimentary copies).

    I'm ordering as soon as I press "Submit" here... :-)

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    Re: TIP: Cleaning Windshield Glass with Bon Ami

    Very interesting. Bon Ami is a powder which contains diatomaceous earth (the finely ground up calcified shells of ancient marine organisms) and I've used it to polish chrome faucets and other bathroom fixtures. I'll try some on my windshield.

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    Re: TIP: Cleaning Windshield Glass with Bon Ami

    my understanding is that u do not want to use the Bon Ami cleanser, but rather the bon ami cleaning powder, two different products. if one randomly goes to the grocery store and picks up a can of BA, it will most likely be the cleanser, which can and will damage the windshield. I have used the BA cleaning powder without problems, however even the cleaning powder container says not to use the product on windshields, yet says it's ok to use on windows. The BA cleaning powder is difficult to find but u can order it from the Fautless Starch Company (BA's manufacturer)and they have a web site with a link to order. It is a good product for windshields that are really dirty but for routine cleaning I like Glass Wax, also difficult to find but available at Ace Hardware stores. hope this helps

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    common? READ ME. -- Kent D
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    Re: TIP: Cleaning Windshield Glass with Bon Ami

    Hmmm... I have not damaged a windshield yet ('87 Dodge and '98 Nissan) using the Bon Ami Cleanser. YMMV.

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