We are pleased to announce the creation of a new race series for drivers of BMW Cars, the ActionFront Ontario BMW Race Series, presented by Raven Performance Inc.

This is a privately owned and operated series that is not directly associated with any CASC-OR affiliated club, the BMW CCA Club Racing program, nor the BMW Club of Canada.

The series was created to offer a competitive driving experience for all BMW enthusiasts, in all types of factory authorized or constructed BMW's in a fun, safe, and friendly environment where the primary emphasis is on clean driving and machinery preservation.

The above sentence shall be referred to as the 'Spirit of Club Racing' which guides the rules and procedures to be created and enforced by the administrators and stewards of the series.

The ActionFront Ontario BMW Race Series, presented by Raven Performance Inc., will be held during five weekends in 2003 at race weekends organized by CASC-OR affiliated clubs at Shannonville and Mosport.

The series will be open to members of CASC-OR affiliated clubs who hold either a CASC-OR Race Licence or a BMW CCA Race Licence who have demonstrated their respect for the 'Spirit of Club Racing'.

It is anticipated that the series registration fee will be approximately $500 and that individual event fees will be on the order of $400 per weekend. Discounts will be available for multiple-event pre-registration.

Applications for series registration will be reviewed by a driver-nominated Selection Committee to ensure that all participants can be assured that the 'Spirit of Club Racing' is maintained.

The rules and classifications are expected to conform closely with those used by BMW CCA Club Racing as this is intended to become a 'feeder series' for BMW CCA Club Racing. Nevertheless, the Ontario BMW Race Series will be run in accordance with the CASC-OR General Competition Regulations and Race Regulations.

Drivers will be responsible for obtaining AMB TransX260 transponders which are required by both CASC-OR and BMW CCA Club Racing. These transponders will be available for purchase or rent through the CASC-OR.

A drivers' meeting for interested participants has been called for 12:30PM on Sunday January 5th, 2003, at the Raven Performance shop on 7634 Woodbine Avenue, in Markham, Ontario.

At the January drivers' meeting applications for series registration will be accepted at an 'early-bird' fee of $300.

Please contact John Dimoff of Raven Performance Inc. ([email protected]) at 905-477-1800 for further details.