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    Business CD Radio – Instructions to enable MUTE

    Note: I recently posted query regarding the undocumented “mute function” in the E46 Business CD radio. (I had previously enabled the function, and now wanted to disabled it, due to the AM tuning “side effect”, but forgot how.) Apparently, MUTE is pre-programmed into European cars, but disable in the US. Dave responded with instructions for entering the radio’s “maintenance mode” which was the key needed to hack the mute function. I promised to post the detailed instructions once I had confimed them. Here are the instructions (experimentally derived) on how to enable/disable the mute function.

    The mute function can be programmed into your radio. Once programmed it will allow you to mute the radio or CD to a barely audible level, whcih is handy when you receive a cell phone call, etc.

    Side Effects:
    1. If you enable mute, your AM radio tuning will be in increments of 9KHz, and not the standared 10 Mhz. Thus AM frequency 740 will be tuned ast 738, resulting in possible distortion. (This was the primary reason I elected to disable MUTE, after having enjoyed the function for several years.)

    2. If you enable mute, it will replace the “PTY” function. (i.e., the RDS/PTY display will now display RDS/MUTE). PResumbably, you lose the PTY feature. (Not a problem in my area, as few stations exploited this function.)


    1. With key in ignition, turn radio on and press and hold the radio’s 'M' button until the radio’s serial number is displayed. (‘M’ button is on the radio’s right hand side. Takes approx 5-10 seconds for serial number to display. If serial number doesn’t display. Turn off radio, and then turn on and repeat this step.)
    2. Press the '+' key repeatedly until the "AREA" function appears in the display. (The ‘+’ key is beneath the volume knob.)
    3. Now, depress the #1 station preset button repeatedly until the words "AREA OC+RDS” appear. This is the setting to enable Mute. (Conversely, if you wish to disable Mute, press the #1 button repeatedly until “AREA USA” appears.)
    4. Turn off the radio.
    5. Turn on the radio. The right hand display will now show RDS/MUTE instead of RDS/PTY. When your press the MUTE function key, the volume will diminish significantly. When you press it again, the original volume level is restored.

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    Dave 330i
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    thanks. I'll keep your message for future...

    reference for those want to "mute" their radio. Personally, I just push the volume knob to off when a phone call comes to me.

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    Outstanding!!!!!! Hmm
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    The most useful info in the past 3 months.

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