I promised you that we would have a lot of new features and expanded capabilities in 2001. Roadfly.com is proud to launch our new faster and easier message board system.

We've been using a similar system on the BMW Message Boards since their inception. This new system allows for faster and easier replies to posts. One very nice feature offers the ability to answer a question in the "re: area" of a message. Additionally you can now add photo links, URL links, and email links.

Our goal was to build a strong foundation that would allow the message boards to grow larger while offering features like better search capabilities, spam control, customization, etc. The new message board system isn't 100% done but we wanted to get it up and running so people could start using it ASAP.

Right now it will appear to you to be slightly different than the previous system. The old system didn't allow for multi-threading. What this feature means is, if you want to break-off into a tangent from within a discussion the break-off will be represented in the way the links lay out on the page. It makes things a lot easier to follow.

Thanks to everyone for all your support, its you the community that made us "The World's Largest Auto Enthusiast Site." Over 1 Million unique visitors a month and growing.

Stay tuned there's a lot more to come.


Charlie R.