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    Bridgestone tires vs. Firestone tires

    Everyone's heard awful things about Firestone tires, but nothing has come out about Bridgestone. I know they're made by the same company, but what's the difference? Anyone know?


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    Re: Bridgestone tires vs. Firestone tires

    The only thing awful about even Firestone tires is there relationship With Ford Motor Company. Ford recommended 26psi for the Explorer and at 26psi the vehicle only has 900 lbs load capacity. A 3 series BMW has more load capacity than the Explorer. The reason Ford recommended so low air pressure was to reduce the risk of rollover at 30 psi and to give the vehicle a more comfortable ride. Firestone has just received supplier of the year for GMC. The only vehicle you have heard any problem with tires is the Explorer. How can it only be 1 vehicle if they don't make good tires.
    I have been using Bridgestone on my 3 series for years with no problems. I think they make some of the best tires on the road currently.
    Indy car and Formula 1 seem to agree. Let me know if I can help

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