I'm cheap, but willing to give up my M2000 for something that won't melt to my face in a fire. I'd like something useful both for sedan racing and open-wheelers (ie Skip Barber).
(As background, I wear glasses, like peripheral vision, and drive in the summer in Texas, so a wide eyeport and ventilation are priorities.)

The helmets I'm looking at are (prices from fasthelmets.com):
Simpson Super Voyager ($370)
Bell M2 ($300)
Arai GP-5k ($700)
OMP Wide-Eye Formula ($580)
G-Force Pro Force 1 ($280)
Bieffe [Oops!] ($380)

I can't find jack about how much all these weigh or even if they have removeable liners, so any comments anyone has about them would be much appreciated. Aside from the G-Force and Simpson, I can't tell if any of these could be used with any kind of head restraint system or not, although I'd probably just rely on a neck roll until I actually did some racing anyway (just doing DEs now).

Thanks all!
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