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    NE 1 Notice

    The limited interest on this board about F1 racing here in the states for BMW's efforts.

    I know it probably helps in Europe, but it sure doesn't seem to make an impact here.

    I go to my BMW center and talk to the sales and parts people and they are not informed or interested to talk about it.

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    I think there has been pretty good discussion re:

    F1 here this season. Maybe not much as of late, but considering BMW's results at Indy, that is understandable. Maybe they'll open a fresh can of whoop_*** in Japan and pull off the WCC....I hope!

    Go BMW!

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    There\'s been plenty of discussion here.

    Right from the beginning when the FW25 wasn't so good on through the successes of the season. Look back and you'll see it. I wouldn't say there's limited interest at all. It has plenty of impact here. I wouldn't have any comment to make about the center you go to.

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