I'm currently doing a ton of driving schools and have decided that I want to work my way toward club racing in '05. Based on my info, could ppl give me some suggestions?...

I did 4 track days in '02 (2 days at Watkins Glen in '01 M3 cab and 2 at VIR in '03 M3 coupe).

This year, I hit the track scene hard and by the end of the year, I will have done 29 days on the year:

WGI: 10 days
Mont Tremblant: 2
Mosport: 4
Pocono: 1
Lime Rock: 1
Summit Point: 2
MidOhio: 4
VIR: 2
Road Atlanta: 2
Carolina Motorsports Park: 1

I have always received excellent feedback and have had 3-4 instructors tell me that I'm the best student they've had for that experience level, etc. I've run a few events solo lately without incident. Many events prior to that, I got signed off for the second day.

I've been using 3 track cars this year, an '03 m3, then a '99 M3, and now an '89 M3. I also have an '84 325e track-prepped, but I haven't yet tracked it.

I'm now using R-compounds on the e30 and have some on the way for the e36 (e46 is retired from the track).

All in all, I'm doing very well and am very into it. Seemingly no matter what group I'm in, I'm chasing down quicker cars...even in advanced groups in my e30 m3.

I would like to have a schedule next year similar to the one this year...i.e. approx 30 track days. I'd like to try a few more tracks next year like Road America, BeaveRun, Roebling Road, Sebring, etc.

I'm thinking that after next year, I'd be prepared to start clubracing. I'd also like to do a skip barber school or 2 in the meantime and I'd of course need to do whatever necessary for competition license.

Long term, I'd like to get into pro racing....i.e. club racing 2005-2007, then perhaps Speed World Challenge touring class after that.

Does all of this sound a bit too optimistic?
I'm 24, budget isn't something that I see getting in the way. Is it reasonable to think that I could do this if I put in enough seat time, make the commensurate progress, and maintain the interest I have now??

On another note, I think I'd use the e30 325 as the club racer getting started...

Any insight would be appreciated.<br>MHM3

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